Mozilla IoT

Web Thing API

Screenshot of specification

There are ongoing standardization efforts around the "Web of Things" at organizations like the IETF, W3C, OCF and OGC. Mozilla plans to be a participant in this community to help define new web standards and promote best practices around privacy, security and interoperability.

Based on what we have learned so far we have started working on a draft Web Thing API specification which we think applies the principles of the Web of Things in a concrete and pragmatic way by building on existing web standards. This includes a Web Thing Description format based on JSON and a REST + WebSockets Web Thing API.

Our hope is that this pragmatic approach based on proven web technologies like HTTP, REST, JSON, WebSockets and TLS will help turn web developers into WoT developers who can help realize our vision of a decentralized Internet of Things.

We plan to refine this specification as we work on Mozilla's implementation through Project Things and solicit feedback from the web developer community. We encourage hackers, makers and web developers to put this API into practice so that we can improve the specification and take our findings to an appropriate standards body.

We encourage you to provide feedback on GitHub.